Rakesh is a skilled Frontend/Experience Technologist specializing in high-performance web applications. Multiple years of experience - creating web applications using custom and popular JavaScript libraries and frameworks like React (and ecosystem - Redux, Sagas, Next.js, Storybook, Jest etc.), Angular, Backbone - as well as server-side Node.js based frameworks such as Express / Sails and so on.
Expertise: Object-oriented JavaScript, Application architecture (specializing in frontend).

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Senior Architect, eXperience Technology <-- Architect, eXperience Technology , SapientRazorfish

    Oct, 2014 - Present 4 years 11 months

    As an eXperience Technology Architect - my reponsibilities include:

    • Helping setup the entire Presentation layer architecture - end to end

    • Setup frontend tech stack, create tools for automating redundant tasks and setup workflows and provide oversight for ongoing development

    • Frontend estimations based on exprience/tech stack and standardized metrics for new proposals

    • Mentoring / Development of the XT (Frontend) team

    • Sync with designers and clients w.r.t. requirements and UX assessment

    As part of Sapient Razorfish, I primarily work with the presentation layer (architecture, development, DevOps) across projects - striving to provide the best possible solutions and value add for clients. We do a lot of cool things like trying out creative coding approaches, delving deeper into problem statements, and holding regular sessions on the latest in the technology space.

    I have worked on a variety of projects here where I have led the implementation of a custom framework for the frontend on top of a microservices-based decoupled architecture, which supported Universal Rendering.

    Moving on - I've led multiple implementations on a advanced tech stack based on React / Next.js and ecosystem - using Redux/MobX for state management and Sagas/Thunk etc. for async actions.

    Also worked on creating a design system for a big-ticket hospitality client to standardize the developer/designer handoffs and improve the consistency across User Interfaces.

  • Tech Manager <-- Frontend Lead <-- Software Developer , Langoor

    Apr, 2012 - Sep, 2014 2 years 5 months

    As the Tech Manager, responsibilities included: Project execution from an technology standpoint, Create processes and recommend tools, Task allocation and follow-ups, Estimation review, Mentoring/Development of the team. Prior to that, Rakesh was the User Interface Lead for following products: langoor.mobi and EnterpriseMo. langoor.mobi is targeted towards making websites for mobile interfaces - from existing desktop websites. EnterpriseMO is targeted at creating mobile solutions for e-Commerce Websites.

  • Software Development Engineer , Nokia Solutions and Networks

    Sep, 2010 - Mar, 2012 1 year 7 months

    Worked majorly on the front-end modules. Designed and developed Web User Interfaces and custom web components for a platform product to be used by network operators. Researched and prepared the way forward by proposing the following with prototypes: - Move from YUI 2 to YUI 3 for modularity and better code maintenance - Embrace Responsive Design for robust multi-device experience (application was built only for desktop screens till then) Technology used: JavaScript (ECMAScript 3/5), xHTML, CSS 3rd Party: YUI 3, jQuery Web Server: Apache Tomcat 6



  • Web Development
    Javascript OOJS HTML/CSS React Angular NodeJS


  • Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Bachelor of Technology, Inderprastha Engineering College

    Jun, 2005 - Jun, 2009

    76.3% overall
    Data Structures Object-oriented Programming Compilers Operating Systems